Indulge your curiosity with the BackPack Boyz collection!

The BackPack Boyz collection features a wide range of unusual flavors and aromas that are certain to please. Try the one that strikes your fancy, but don’t forget to keep some in stock for when you need a specific strain for a specific purpose. Our backpack boyz strains will not only take you to a higher place, physically and mentally, but will also evoke all sorts of different smells and tastes. You will even smell like you’ve been eating dessert when high on White Cherry Gelato!

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High quality marijuana has been a fixture in the United States for decades, but the weed industry is getting more sophisticated than ever. Here at BackPack Boyz, we have our fingers on the pulse of this movement and are determined to get you only the best weed on the market.

Weed can do more than bring about a better high. It can also help you to create your own. Apparently this is what BackPack Boyz have decided to do atour weed dispensary in Los angeles, California. To that end we have created an outstanding variety of strains with names evoking the tastes and aromas of some of your favorite foods: Horchata (sweet Spanish rice milk), Peanut Butter Breath (peanut butter cups), White Cherry Gelato (ice cream), black cherry gelato strain and so forth.

We help you find the perfect backpack boyz cannabis strain

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We understand that finding a strain that actually tastes and smells good can be quite the challenge. Fortunately, we have made things easy by creating the perfect line of weed named after some of our favorite snacks! With aromas and flavors that you can taste and feel, these cannabis strains will give you the high you are looking for while still leaving your wallet feeling full.

Backpack Boyz weed strains include a variety of medicinal options, including the popular Horchata and Peanut Butter Breath, along with the new White Cherry Gelato. With such a wide selection of flavors and effects to choose from, you will quickly find your favorite from this interesting collection offered by BackPack Boyz.